The Assassination of Alexis Tsipras: A Social Timeline

1 February 2022 by Joseph Tomaras in Politics

Alexis Tsipras, ready to return to the Prime Minister’s office this time with an absolute majority, was assassinated in the early morning local time Monday 31/01/2022. Our correspondent offers a prismatic timeline of the aftermath in the eyes of the Greeks.

0100 GMT

@SirensBureau: With new snap elections in Greece, will SYRIZA finally win a majority government?

2200 GMT

TR @ekloges24 Official estimate:

SYRIZA 160 seats out of 300

ND 63

GD 57

Other parties 20

2205 GMT

TR from German: “@faznet Can a SYRIZA majority government survive? Can Europe survive Greek left-radicalism?”

2206 GMT

TR @ergatikidrasi Going to SYRIZA victory rally tonight at Syntagma. Viva Alexis!

2232 GMT

TR @ergatikidrasi I can’t believe it. They shot him!

2233 GMT

TR @o_anarxos @ergatikidrasi: Who?

2234 GMT

TR @ergatikidrasi @o_anarxos: Tsipras, of course!

2235 GMT

TR @o_anarxos @ergatikidrasi: I mean who shot him?

2236 GMT

TR @ergatikidrasi .@o_anarxos: Cops or Golden Dawners. No one knows. Very confused here. Running…

2237 GMT

TR @o_anarxos Cops, Golden Dawners, what’s the difference? @ergatikidrasi

2238 GMT

TR @riotgrrl_gr There is no difference. @o_anarxos @ergatikidrasi

2240 GMT

TR @riotgrrl_gr @ergatikidrasi: What’s happening there? Is Alexis still alive? Are you OK?

2302 GMT

TR @o_anarxos Some fucking general is on NERIT [Greek state TV] with two priests, saying he’s dead. @riotgrrl_gr @ergatikidrasi

2305 GMT

TR @ergatikidrasi @riotgrrl_gr: Cops are rounding people up on the square. I got out of there. DM for more.

2306 GMT

TR @riotgrrl_gr @ergatikidrasi: What the fuck? No one else would have been there with weapons.

2307 GMT

TR @ergatikidrasi @riotgrrl_gr: Of course. Provocations.

2307 GMT

TR @riotgrrl_gr I heard Rena Dourou calling for general strike. Can’t get on NERIT of course.

2308 GMT

TR @o_anarxos @riotgrrl_gr: Fuck NERIT up the ass.

2309 GMT

TR @o_anarxos Greeks, get off your asses and turn off your televisions. This is real struggle.

2310 GMT

TR @rizospastiko Another coup. So much for being part of Europe.

2311 GMT

TR @o_anarxos @rizospastiko: This is Europe’s fault. The orders written in Frankfurt.

2312 GMT

TR @rizospastiko @o_anarxos: Of course. We need the Europe of the peoples to come to our aid.

2313 GMT

TR @o_anarxos @rizospastiko: KKE jackoff. Where were you when the last 4 left governments fell? Get on the streets tomorrow or be quiet.

2314 GMT

TR @rizospastiko @o_anarxos: Provocateurs like you are objective fascists.

2315 GMT

TR @o_anarxos @rizospastiko: You objectively have your head up your ass.

2316 GMT

TR @ekologistiki We finally had a chance to make real change in this country. I cry for Greece.

2316 GMT

TR @ergatikidrasi They will not pass!

2317 GMT

TR @riotgrrl_gr In the morning, no work, no school, nothing. This is the Troika’s last gasp.

2320 GMT

TR @ergatikidrasi Golden Dawners on motorcycles trying to enter Exarheia. All out to protect the squats!

2326 GMT

TR @XrysiAvgi88 All you leftist scum are done. We have a list. @riotgrrl_gr @ergatikidrasi @ekologistiki @o_anarxos @rizospastiko

2327 GMT

TR @o_anarxos @XrysiAvgi88: So do we. You first, Nazi scum.

Compiled by Joseph Tomaras.

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